How To Have Intercourse Without Your Wife

If you’re trying to have intercourse without your wife, chances are, you got some marriage issues, but I won’t go into that.  You simply want to have intercourse with someone else, whether you’re bored, mad, or sad, and you’re going to do it with or without my help.  Well, I’m certainly here to help!

Having intercourse with someone other than your wife may not feel right at first, but it’ll come around.  You’ll want to stick with a few places near the house, where your wife wouldn’t look, like in the basement, the garage,  or even the spare bed room.  While your wife is getting dinner ready, sneak your other girl in, and go to one of the listed spots, then have intercourse, without your wife.  If your wife happens to walk in, you can tell her that this other girl is your nurse and she was just helping you get dressed.. She’ll believe you!

Nurse Intercourse

If your wife is away for a few days, having intercourse in the bedroom is a great idea.  Make sure the girl lets her clothes scattered throughout the entire house, including the bedroom, so it can be like an Easter egg hunt right before your wife comes home.  It adds a little more of that feeling of worthlessness right before she comes home!

Another good idea, if you’re going to have intercourse without your wife, is to introduce the girl to your wife!  If you do this, your wife will never suspect that you’re going to have intercourse with this girl.  She’ll think, “oh that girl is too nice to do that” and so on.  If you really feel freaky, invite them both to dinner on the same night.  Make it a romantic, candlelight restaurant, so both girls will just think you’re the best!

If either your wife or girlfriend doesn’t like that idea, then have them both go to dinner with different reservations, then just hop back and forth to each table, I know you can do that much!

If at some point you feel exhausted, and like you’re going to keel over, DO NOT STOP!  This is a normal feeling of worthlessness, and it is natural for someone who wants to know how to have intercourse without their wife.  Simply keep pushing forward, and eventually everything will work out for you!

Another good idea is to have your girlfriend randomly send you dirty pictures throughout the day.  This way, you won’t miss her, and you’ll be reminded how hot she is at random times of the day.  Your wife won’t see them, and if she does, she’ll just think it was your buddy sending you those “Chain porn” pictures.  Your wife won’t get mad at all, in fact, she’ll encourage you to send the pictures to her phone so she can forward to all of her friends and family.  Your wife will be extremely supportive of your wanting to have intercourse without her, but only if you drop these little hints that we talked about.  She won’t catch on at all!!

If you happen to try any of the things listed on this article, I want you to write a love note to your girlfriend, addressing her by name several times, and listing off any of the thoughts of what you want to do with her, or what you have done to her, but DON”T SEND IT OR GIVE IT TO HER right away… Hold on to it for at least 1 month, to see if you still feel the same, but in the mean time, let it sit somewhere where your wife will see it.  If she reads it, she’ll think it’s a love letter from a different guy!

Oh did I forget to mention swingers?  Just become a swinger, let her have intercourse without her husband, while you have intercourse without your wife!  Easy as that!

Did you have intercourse without your wife before?  Let us know your story! Don’t worry, it won’t end up on Jerry!