How To Have Intercourse While Your Dog Is Watching

Your dog doesn’t need to see you having intercourse and you know it. But sometimes you take a look over and she’s just sitting there staring at you.

Sorta seems like she’s judging right?

“Get outta here dog. You perverted bitch!” You yell…

But she never leaves.

She seems strangely entertained… in to it even.

If you’re getting down to business, the last think you want to do is pop out your stuff just to shoo away your voyeuristic pooch.

So what to do?

Here’s some practical advice for how to have intercourse while your dog is watching.

Start barking.

Just look over at her and start barking.

She’ll be confused and tilt her head wtf at first, but if you just keep on barking, it’ll disturb the fug out of her and she’ll leave.

And your partner will think it’s kinky, or she’ll pop up off the bed and run like hell.

dog watching intercourse