How To Have Intercourse For A Long Time

There are a whole bunch of ways to have intercourse for a long time. And there are a lot of reasons why you might be asking how to have intercourse for a long time. So, we’ll just go ahead an list all kinds of scenarios for you… just pick the methods of having lengthy intercourses that most appeal to you.

Ways to Have Intercourse For A Long Time

  • Have intercourse with a slow turtle. Turtles are slow. It will take a long time to finish
  • Think about something unattractive. Maybe think of this dick?
  • Have intercourse in a time machine Ted. You can just have the intercourse for a minute but tweak your machine so a bunch of time passes.
  • Go to porn star training school. Or get private lessons from this guy on how to have longer intercourse sessions.
  • And when all else fails… practice. Practice.. .Practice… on yourself. Last as long as you can, or until your mom starts knocking on the door again.

If these having intercourse for a longer time tips don’t help, try watching this video from someone who has a real point of view on the subject :)

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